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We know it well, the phrase ‘My ‘insert relationship’ went to ‘country’ and all I got was this lousy ‘object’. So true does it ring, that most sellers of tourist tat can also sell you a lousy t-shirt emblazoned with the declaration of resignation.


Just like said t-shirt, Souvenirs That Don’t Suck wears its raison d’ȇtre on its sleeve. Too long have we binned piles of atrocious fridge magnets or questionably-produced statues of the Tour Eiffel or Michaelangelo’s David (made in China, no doubt). 


Why do we buy souvenirs? Is it a simple way of proving that you were, in fact, there? Is it the easiest way to buy something for a loved one without having to think about it? Or perhaps you’re so caught up in the moment of having climbed a couple of hundred steps to the top of the Statue of Liberty that you must relieve yourself of a few dollars to buy a cheaply-made replica.


Souvenirs That Don’t Suck was founded with the aim of creating well-designed souvenirs that almost don’t fit into the souvenir category because they look great and are really, really useful. The inspiration behind the designs is simple yet rich - Malta!


From luzzu-inspired socks to baby-grows with funny local phrases to sexy serving plates with Andy Warhol-esque Maltese balconies, you’re never short for choice or inspiration.


In 2018, the founders behind Souvenirs That Don’t Suck searched long and hard for someone to continue carrying their torch due to their imminent departure from the island. The obvious choice was another creative duo, those behind the growing Te fit-Tazza brand. The two go so well together that it’s hard to imagine that they were ever apart.


Shop online or drop into their Sliema store on Manuel Dimech street, besides the Police Station and Valletta store under the arches in St. John’s Square.



There’s more to a country than just language.

Our new collection celebrates the intractably Maltese nature of our cities and islands, because what makes us Maltese isn’t just the language, the food, the culture, or the 365 churches scattered on every corner - it’s also the cities and the island itself. When we say we’re Maltese, we mean: we’re islanders, we’re relaxed, we’re passionate, we’re energetic, we’re proud. This collection is built on those qualities.

Besides, who doesn’t want to be Maltese?

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