Picking out presents is like watching your bus come to the bus stop when you’ve just turned the corner: you know for sure that something could go horribly, horribly wrong (you miss the bus) or wonderfully, wonderfully right (you catch the bus because the driver sees you running and waits). We hate that feeling, so we’ve completely taken it out of the equation by curating gift boxes for you to choose for those ‘I really don’t know enough about you’ occasions.


If you know enough to fill out a basic Facebook profile, we can help you out. Do they like food? Maybe they’re a little bit hipster? Do they like working out (and telling you about it?) Take a look at our gift boxes: you’re bound to find someone for that friend with one foot in Malta and the other in an airport check-out line.


 On a mission to Make Souvenirs Great Again. What if at the top of Manuel Dimech Street in Sliema were a haven of local creativity; weaving local charm and humour with fresh designs to create Souvenirs That Don't Suck? 

New Collection

There’s more to a country than just language.

Our new collection celebrates the intractably Maltese nature of our cities and islands, because what makes us Maltese isn’t just the language, the food, the culture, or the 365 churches scattered on every corner - it’s also the cities and the island itself. When we say we’re Maltese, we mean: we’re islanders, we’re relaxed, we’re passionate, we’re energetic, we’re proud. This collection is built on those qualities.

Besides, who doesn’t want to be Maltese?

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