Unveiling the Sensational Ftira Experience
Top 5 eateries you need to visit

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Maltese bread, with a focus on the cherished ftira, and embark on a pleasant gastronomic trip. We will identify some of the best eateries that have perfected the art of producing this age-old treat. As different locals have different preferences for bread, the locations listed below are not in any particular order. So let's embrace the uniqueness and plunge into this novel bread scenario!

Duke's Snack Bar

As we set out on this bread adventure, our first stop is Duke's Snack Bar.  If you’re all about customising your ftira to the next level then this is the place for you. Imagine a symphony of flavours, a symphony for your taste buds, where delicious fillings, colourful vegetables, and locally produced ingredients come together. Duke's Snack Bar gives traditional bread new life while celebrating the craft of crafting sandwiches.

Buchman's Snack Bar

With a big sign outside claiming; “best ftira on the island’, this eatery definitely has a lot to live up to. Buchman’s is known for the way it elevates the bread experience to new heights. At Buchman's, the ftira commands attention and offers a variety of selections that will tantalise your senses. Every mouthful of Buchman's bread, whether it be their crusty handmade loaves or their expertly constructed sandwiches brimming with regional flavors, demonstrates their dedication to quality and enthusiasm for food.

Andrew's Snack Bar

Discover Andrew's Snack Bar in the centre of Birkirkara, a location where authenticity rules supreme and tradition is celebrated. Here, the recognisable ħobż biż-Żejt commands attention. Take a bite out of their delicious ftira sandwiches, which are bursting with affection and regional ingredients. Along with the bread, the secret is the passion and commitment that have been passed down through the centuries. You are invited to have a taste of Maltese culinary heritage at Andrew's Snack Bar, which captures the spirit of the country's bread tradition.

Serafino Straws

This bakery is tucked away in one of the narrow streets in Sliema and it’s known for its exquisite bread. Experience bread in its most crunchy state by sampling their variety of tastes, which range from the classic tuna fitra to other tastes like salami, steak, eggs and other local ingredients.

Olympic Bar (Xufi)

Get ready to be transported to Mosta, where Xufi invites daring souls looking for a genuinely exceptional bread experience. Prepare yourself for an explosion of flavours, unusual ingredients, and creative flavour combinations. Each mouthful is a delicious surprise waiting to be revealed, and bread is an art form in this place.

BONUS: Farmer's Bar

Our journey ends in Mġarr Farmers's Bar, a place where time appears to have stopped. For those who want to enjoy bread the way it was designed to be enjoyed, this rustic bar tucked away in the charming village of Mġarr is a haven. Mġarr Farmer's bar gives a genuine sense of Maltese tastes with thick ftira bread, locally sourced products, and a setting that takes you back in time.  And if you're watching your carb intake, this place also offer one of the best 'fenkata' on the island. Also, a Maltese culinary experience you need to try. 

The ftira scene in Malta is a veritable gold mine of tastes and sensations just waiting to be discovered. Each restaurant offers a distinct interpretation of the beloved ftira. Keep in mind that there are many hidden jewels in Malta's bread landscape, so these suggestions are just the beginning. Accept the diversity and set off on your own ftira trip to find the flavours that appeal to your palette.

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